4+ years of Digital Production experience

Isha is a Sr Digital Producer at Media.Monks LA. He moved there in 2020 to become one of the first producers of the dedicated Google Team. In his first year he produced 16 complex projects with a total budget of over 1.5M USD.

He worked on interactive websites for Google Cloud, Developers, Events, Maps and digital events such as Launch Night In, PES@Home and Pixel 6 Fall Launch.

Isha started as a Project Manager at Media.Monks Amsterdam, back in 2017. He managed the production of websites, AR/VR experiences and installations. For large clients (Google, Facebook, Nestlé, IBM, Verizon, Petco) and smaller ones (British Library, SVT, SoFine).

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Raise that bar

Isha is idealistic, humble, critical, and decisive. He has an Advocate personality. Isha values inclusivity and an entrepreneurial mindset where things are getting done. He feels most fulfilled when he helps others with creative, imaginative solutions and push the team’s quality of work. Ultimately, Isha wants to generate real impact and push for progress.

Sometimes the tiniest tweaks make the biggest impact. 

A happy client and team

As a producer, Isha puts the client first, so Media.Monks can build upon the delivered work. Isha is the main point of contact and helps to scope, resource and plan projects from pitch to live.

Using his level of experience, Isha streamlined the organization of our global production offices. He provides structure and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty with documentation and creative feedback.

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🇺🇸 Sr. Producer at MediaMonks LA
💻 Websites, apps, AR/VR & more
🤓 Creative, organized, idealistic
🎓 BSc Computer Science + MSc HCID
❤️ Learning & improving

Isha is originally from the Netherlands and lives in LA on a work visa. He loves to explore the United States and is a close follower of the news.